Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two collections of my sermons are on

Thanks to everyone who reads the sermons on my blog. I thought you might like to know that two collections of my sermons are available on The first is entitled As One Unknown and the second is We Would See Jesus. Each one is $20.

As One Unknown

Table of contents

He comes to us
Introduction 7
Hymn tune: Bluff Park 9
On a day when men were numbered 13
What the wind said to the shepherds 19
In the beginning was the word 25
The toils, the conflicts, the sufferings
In a new light 35
Cleave the wood and I am there 41
Loaf bread and jug wine 49
Strong at the broken places 57
Worthily lamenting our sins 63
All washed up 69
One unknown
The bad news of Easter 77
An idle tale 83
But we had hoped… 91
A tall tale 95
Seeing Jesus again 99

Our own experience
Taking big steps 109
Enemies: A love story 117
Candles against the darkness 123
If the Lord is with us, Why? 129
Under the sign of the question mark 135
Between “Once upon a time”… 141
Nostalgia and remembrance 147
His fellowship
Saints and sinners 155
Has God rejected his people? 161
Outside agitator 169
A more excellent way 175
The Pharisee and the Prostitute 183
Weaving community 189
The impossible possibility 195

We Would See Jesus

Table of Contents

Introduction 9

Invocation 11

Waiting for Jesus

Waiting for God 15
Remembering the future 19
Songs of exile 23
Let the skies pour down righteousness 27
New lamps for old 31
The kingdom of love 35
It’s good to be king! 39
Amid tears and great laughter 43

Seeing and hearing Jesus

We would see Jesus 49
Guess who’s coming to dinner? 53
Practice resurrection 57
Keeping secrets 61
The enduring word 65
Words, words, words 69
Named, not numbered 73
The sound of silence 77
The language of heaven 81
God is in the details 85
St. Paul’s Christmas story 87
Hearts and voices heavenward raise 91

Following Jesus

Dancing with God 97
Bread alone? 101
Errand into the wilderness 103
Carry-on baggage 107
Why is this night different? 111
The foolish farmer 115
Taking the plunge 119
Final Jeopardy 123
Mind your manners 127
Dr. King remembered 131
The view from Mt. Nebo 137

Other sermons

What does love taste like? 143
You are what you eat 147
O brave new world 151
Family values 155
The devil made me do it 161
Crossing boundaries 165
Life before and after the comma 169